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By Pat Munson, Associate Editor

President Nathanael Wales is excited to announce that the River City Chapter will host the next state convention. He says that everyone will have a great time! Members are always busy forwarding the work of the Federation. They work promoting legislation and serve on local boards.

Orientation Center for the Blind Alumni members are happy to report that the chapter is now on the Pre-Authorized Check (PAC) Plan. They are also pleased to have had Fred Schroeder assisting at their last meeting. Fred is always helpful.

Betty Hendricks, president of the Monterey County Chapter, reports that they have a new member. She further states that members are going to sell items in order to raise money to help with the work of the Federation.

The Chapter on Aging is pleased to report that many seniors losing vision in California now have a great place to learn the skills of blindness; the Society for the Blind in Sacramento now has a live-in program for them. Also, the cassette copy of the newsletter from the National Organization of the Senior Blind can be obtained by anyone. Call president Sybil Irvin for a copy. Her phone number is (858) 578-3735.

Members of the Bay Area Chapter continue to study NFB philosophy at each meeting. Members then have time to discuss problems they face on a daily basis. Other members suggest ways to solve the problems. Besides never-ending fundraising projects, Patrick Church speaks to school children about blindness and collects associates.

Recently the California Association of Blind Students hosted a day-long seminar. Attendees were pleased to gain insightful information. NFB trained-students are quite capable of helping others with all phases of education. President Robert Stigile says that there will be another seminar at the next state convention.

The Tri-Valley Chapter is selling candy to help with our work. They are also looking for a new meeting place, so check with president Donna Sexton before going to a meeting. The chapter is most excited to announce that Mary Willows was honored as Alumnae of the Year from her high school in Chicago! She will be further honored by another organization. Three cheers to a great Federationist!

Mount Diablo Chapter members continue selling candy. Members have also joined the Bay Area Chapter to learn and share.

Parents of Blind Children have just finished a wonderful seminar on the use of Braille. The parents who attended want many more of these. In the Federation, we can help all who are willing to learn. A big thanks to President Joyce Wales and Caroline Rounds for all their work.

The Public Employees Chapter members help blind people with all aspects of employment. During these days of belt-tightening we all need NFB support.

Recently-elected president Olivia Ostergaard of the Fresno Chapter reports that members are as busy as usual working in the community bettering the lives of blind people. Members Ed and Toni Eames are back from their trip to South Africa; they never stop spreading the truth about blindness. Thanks guys!

Patsy Ramlo, President, Orange County Chapter, says that the chapter is having its Braille Reading event as a fundraiser. This successful event shows the public how the blind read, and brings in needed funds. All in the chapter are pleased that Bob Ramlo, a teacher of 33 years, is retiring this year. Patsy and Bob will travel between chapter meetings!

George Hall, President, Santa Barbara South Coast Chapter, reports that the chapter has undergone a number of changes. Members are busy spreading the word about blindness in that area. We all wish them the best with their work.

San Fernando Valley Chapter members are as busy as beavers selling candy bars. Since the chapter purchased such a large quantity, the company has the NFBC's telephone number on the wrapper along with our new logo. Get this readers! If you need money, contact chapter members, for they went to a horse race track! Their chapter name appeared on the billboard during the races. One of the races was named for the National Federation of the Blind of California, and Robert Stigile and John Boal had the honor of standing in the winner's circle following the race. This summer members will attend a Dodger baseball game. Great job, guys! These Federationists are out in the community showing the public that the blind are involved in the same kinds of activities as the rest of society.

Virginia Martin, president of the Napa Chapter, says that the members are working as hard as ever raising money to promote the NFB's work. All the blind who live in that beautiful area of California benefit from the good work of the chapter.

Paul Price, president of the Diabetes Action Network, reports that he disseminates information about "The Voice of the Diabetic" to diabetics around the state. At the next state convention, the Diabetes Chapter will host a breakfast instead of a lunch; watch for this change in upcoming bulletins. Paul also serves on the board at the national level.

Members of the High Desert Chapter are busily forwarding the work of the Federation. Chapter president Caroline Rounds ran a seminar on the teaching of Braille to parents of blind children. She is one of our national NFB scholarship winners for the year 2003!

The recently-elected president Paul Price says that the North San Diego County Chapter is being remodeled. The chapter has a new board and is moving at a clip. Members will march in local parades and will become involved in community governments. The San Francisco Chapter has a new president, Jason Holloway. He reports that the chapter assisted with the very successful student seminar held in their city. The chapter is planning a fun outdoor trip; other chapters will be invited to attend. Watch the NFBC Bulletin for details. Another project will be to work with staff members of San Francisco State Disabled Students Services. Many services provided by such offices are not needed by independent blind students.

Shasta Cascade Chapter members will again have a team at the Relay for Life for the Cancer Society. This chapter is also selling candy. Look for Karen Steele at the NFB convention with her bottled water for sale to all.

Congratulations to the Beach Cities Chapter and the North San Diego County Chapter for their recent fundraising event. Flyers were distributed advertising that Coco's restaurant would donate 15 percent of meals purchased. The amount of $150 was received. Good work, Federationists!

The Beach Cities Chapter is involved in numerous community activities and also works with the local Boy Scout troop.

The Greater Pasadena Area Chapter has been invited for the past several years to participate in the annual Golden Day Parade in the city of Azusa. Chapter president Maurine Barcelo invites other Federationists to join in this activity next October. Also, Rebecca and John Albarran announce the arrival of Emma Grace Albarran. Congratulations to John and Rebecca!

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