NFB of California Door Prize Donation Form

Donate a Door Prize!

To donate a door prize, you need to paste the link to the door prize you want to donate from the Amazon product page as part of the form below. Then, in order to actually donate your door prize, you need to proceed to the payments page, and pay the NFB of California the price of the door prize plus 12% to cover the cost of the item plus tax and shipping. To make this process easier, the form below will ask you for the cost of the item from Amazon and will automatically calculate the additional amount required before you are sent to the paypal payments page for final payment.

Once the payment is received by the state office, the link to your donated door prize will be sent to the door prize coordinator. During the convention, the door prize coordinators will pick prizes from the list of donated prizes to give away. Once a door prize is awarded, the door prize coordinators will purchase the prize from Amazon and have it delivered to the lucky winner. You will also receive an e-mail telling you your donation is complete.

If your payment is not received by the door prize submission deadline, your donated door prize will not be in the pool of door prizes given away during the convention.


We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal. The payment information page is a secure page, and you will receive an e-mail receipt of your completed transaction as well as being able to print a copy of the completed web page once your payment is processed.


When you get to the payment page, you will need to supply your credit card's 3 digit security code. This is a non-embossed number printed on your credit card. This number is often required by Internet merchants to help assure that you're actually holding the card in question.

Door Prize Donation Form

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