Journal - Fall/Winter 2003
Inside This Issue:

President's Message
- By Nancy Burns

Muzzy, Pinky and Gerry: Our Longtime Scholarship Honorees - By Jim Willows

Jacobus tenBroek Award

Whale Watching - By Robert Stigile

Celebrate Life - By Kevin Smalley

NFBC 2003 Convention Report - By Pat Munson

Additional Funding For Braille Is Beautiful Workshop for Parents of Blind Children - By Joyce Wales


National Convention Report - By Maurine Barcelo

The Grand Opening

New Publication: High Expectations

Legislative Report - By Don Burns

My Work as NFBC Legislative Assistant - By Chad Allen


The Art of Gratitude - By Kevin Smalley

Toward a Brighter Day - By Ken Volonte

Seniors Learn the Truth About Blindness - By Priscilla Ching

Around the State - By Pat Munson

Chapter Presidents List

Planned Giving / Editors

Mission Statement

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